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Public Profile

Oban FM Radio is a community radio station, based in Oban, and broadcasting to much of North Argyll in the Highlands of Scotland.


The Oban FM group was founded in 1972 by Andy Campbell and Tom Laurenson, working with a group of able volunteers who achieved much in a short time. Two short spells of broadcasting (RSLs) one in 1992 and one in 1995 paved the way for an application to the Radio Authority for a full time licence. The Oban FM group won, against competition, in March 96, and Oban FM was on the air on July 15th, 1996. Oban FM has just renewed its 7 year licence, which will enable us to continue serving and supporting the Oban and North Argyll community until 2010.


Oban FM broadcasts daily from 8am to mid day, and in the evenings from around 5pm; out with these hours, the station carries Clyde 2 from Radio Clyde in Glasgow. Oban FM is entirely independent of Radio Clyde, but gratefully acknowledges the help and ongoing support provided by Radio Clyde from the early days of preparing our application and since.


Oban FM programmes are produced by our volunteers, and the diversity of these programmes reflects the diversity of interests within the community. The list includes Scottish country dance music and the classics, jazz, current pop, Celtic rock, big band, rock & metal and many other forms of modern and classical music.


Oban FM will service the people as a unique community resource and It will provide a regular programme of music, events, current affairs, local and national news including weather, a vocal billboard of topical information for the wider community. We are here for the community and would love you all to get involved, let us know your thoughts and ideas and most importantly use us, we would love to represent the community of all ages and get the information out when it matters, as well as the celebrations, well wishing, prizes and the all important music that motivates us all.


We will be holding training sessions and workshops for all who are interested in becoming a presenter or would like to do some voice over work, learn the technological side of the station, or simply help out in the day to day running of the station.  Once a member, you can learn the various tasks within the organisation and add that something special to our scheduling that makes us different from every other radio station.  We will also be developing our "outside broadcasting" unit and will visit various events around the community and streaming the fun over the air waves; all this and more can be available for our members.





Become a member of Oban FM by filling in a form at the station. The more members we have the stronger we are!