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Public Profile

All commercial radio stations in the UK are required to provide a Public File to inform listeners about the station and what they can expect of it.

This is Oban FM's Public File.

1 What is the purpose of this Public File?


Each UK commercial radio station has a licence commitment in terms of the general nature of its service and what music and local content it will provide. This commitment is specified in the Station Format document published by the industry regulator Ofcom.


Each station is also required to maintain a Public File that gives listeners clear information about the specific ways in which the station meets it format commitments and serves its community of listeners.

This document is Oban FM’s Public File. Please contact us if you have any queries about the content of this file or need a printed copy.      


2 News Bulletins


We broadcast local news bulletins at least once an hour during our live local programming on weekday mornings and afternoons (drive-time), and weekend mornings.


3 The Programme Schedule


In general we broadcast at least 45 hours per week of locally-originated programmes.  The station also broadcasts Gaelic programming on Thursday night and Sunday afternoon.


At other times when we are not broadcasting live material, we switch over to Clyde 2.  To view our current full Programme Schedule see our website page, “schedule”.



6 Automation & local programming


Some radio stations use computer-controlled automated programme generation of music programmes without live presenters. At present we do not use this system.


7 Local events & good causes we support


Oban FM is itself a non-profit voluntary organisation, so the extent of our direct fundraising for other bodies is naturally limited.  We do support many local charities and remain very active and involved in any events we are invited to support.


8 Coverage Highlights


Oban FM attends many events with a trailer to provide coverage on-site of what is happening over the course of the event and fill in gaps with some music.


9 Music Playlist


Oban FM does not operate any kind of formal playlist of specific items to be played. Presenters are responsible for their own selection of music within guidelines as to the general nature and mixture of music to be achieved in breakfast and drivetime (morning and late afternoon) programming.


The mix is wide and is intended to reflect the diverse range of backgrounds and tastes of the local community.


10 The Format document


This is the document published by Ofcom which specifies the format that Oban FM is expected to follow. You can find it on the Ofcom website here. Note that this is in the form of a Microsoft Word document, and you may need that software to view it. If you have difficulty with this, please ask us or Ofcom to help.


11 Ofcom Localness Guidelines


Ofcom issues Guidelines defining what it terms "localness" for the local radio stations it licenses. You can read them on the Ofcom website at this address: http://www.ofcom.org.uk/radio/ifi/rbl/car/localness/.


12 Contact Us


Details of how to get in touch with Oban FM are on the Contact page of the website.


13 How to Complain


If you want to make complaint about something you have heard on the station, or something you understand the station is planning to do, in the first instance please raise the matter with Cuillin FM using the details on the website.


If you are not satisfied with our response and wish to take the matter further, you can contact the regulator Ofcom on

020 7981 3040 or via the complaints page on the Ofcom website.